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ALL-ON-8 Dental Implants

All-On-8 dental implants system is another treatment option which involves placement of 8 dental implants in every arch, working as “anchors” for a fix and non-removable dental bridge. The dental implants will be supporting a fix dental bridge (permanently cemented over the implants) of between 12 to 14 units (teeth). This system is recommended in cases with adequate bone level and extractions are not required.

Why All-on-8 ?

  • If there are remaining teeth in a fair or poor condition, they will not be removed,in fact that would be saved by restoration.
  • The prosthesis is a fix bridge built in either porcelain noble metal or porcelain zirconium, which feels, look and act like natural teeth.
  • The prosthesis is permanently cemented.

Treatment with the All-On-8 dental implants system at Dr.Sachdeva’s Dental Institute , the best dental implant clinic in ashok vihar is able to provide you with the strong, beautiful and stable smile you wished for, after your teeth become lost or seriously damaged.

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