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4 Interesting Tooth Implants Facts

15 Oct, 2016

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root which is inserted into the jaw bone so that it can support the artificial tooth or a bridge as a replacement to natural teeth. When people lose their tooth to accidents or diseases, they opt for an implant and it is widely accepted worldwide.

Here Are Some Lesser Known Facts About Implants

1. Immunity From Cavities

Most people wonder about the implants as, if they are cavity resistant or not. So the answer is that implants are not organic so they are not prone to cavities or decay. They are made of metal so they are highly resistant to decay or damage. Somehow it is important to keep the surrounding area of the implant clean.

2. Implants Are Made From Strong Alloys

Implants are made of titanium alloy which are also used to build rockets and missiles. The titanium metal is stronger and lighter than steel, therefore it has a long life expectancy.

3. Tooth Implants As Successful Tooth Replacement Solution.

The implants last forever even though the cost is slightly high in comparison to other treatments where bridges, dentures and crowns may or may not be completely successful with the functions like speaking or eating, dental implants are highly successful and functions as real as natural teeth.

4. Tooth Implants At Any Age

Age doesn’t matter when it comes to get an implant.

Whether you’re a teenager or an old person pushing ninety, you can go forward and get a tooth implant at any age.

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