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  • Post Care For Scaling And Root Planning (Deep Cleaning)

    15 Nov, 2018

    If you have been advised to undergo a procedure of deep cleaning by your dentist then you have come to the right place to gain more information about the procedure. Letís begin! At Dr. Sachdevaís Dental Institute, Ashok Vihar, New Delhi it is recomme Read More

  • Stem Cell Research: The New Generation Boon!

    02 Nov, 2018

    Stem cells are special cells that have the capacity to renew themselves and evolve to form different variety of cells. They renew and multiply by the process of mitotic cell division. They are found in almost all organisms. They are grown in-vitro an Read More

  • Sedation Dentistry, a medicine to your phobia!!

    01 Nov, 2018

    In India maximum mount of the population is scared to visit a dentist. Most of them do not have a regular dentist which they or their family visits for a dental condition. This is all due to the dental phobia that you experience. If you are hell scar Read More

  • Pain in the jaw????

    11 Oct, 2018

    Is the pain in your jaw giving you sleepless nights? Are you trying to figure out where the pain is coming from? Are you wondering that what triggers the pain all of a sudden? Donít worry folks you have come at the right place to find out the answers Read More

  • TEETH WHITENING: yes and yes!!!

    10 Oct, 2018

    If you are not satisfied with your color of the smile and you are looking for changing the color of the same. Teeth whitening or bleaching of teeth is a process of lightening the present color of your teeth a few shades by removing the intrinsic and  Read More

  • 6 Quick tips for Mouth Ulcers

    05 Oct, 2018

    Mouth ulcers also known as aphthous ulcers are small pin point or sometimes larger in size painful lesions on touch. They appear on the oral mucosa especially common on the tongue, lips and cheeks. They are non- contagious and last for 7-10 days. Read More

  • Pain in the last tooth - Pericoronitis!!

    04 Oct, 2018

    Pericoronitis is a very common condition in which there is pain in and around the last tooth of the mouth. It is very commonly associated with erupting third molar or the wisdom tooth. This pain can be sometimes seen with swelling inside the mouth wh Read More

  • What Leads To Dry Mouth And How To Prevent The Oral Damage It Causes?

    03 Oct, 2018

    It is a condition in which the glands which produce the saliva are not functioning properly to keep the mouth wet. Do I have dry mouth? Does your mouth feel dry really often and it doesnít go away even when you drink a lot of water. Are you looking f Read More

  • Tooth Implant in Delhi

    27 Sep, 2018

    Implants have been a part of dentistry since a very long time. They are a form of device which replicates the root form of the tooth and are used for the purpose of replacement of a missing tooth. They are made up of titanium and are available in dif Read More

  • Full mouth implant surgeries: The Latest Trend

    26 Sep, 2018

    Full mouth implant surgery is a procedure performed under local anesthesia in which the dental implants are placed in your upper and lower jaw after proper diagnosis and meticulous treatment planning. This is then followed by the prosthetic phase. Read More