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Basal Implants

30 Nov, 2017

Basal Implants also familiar as Cortical Implants are an advanced implantology system which makes use of the basal (cortical) portion of the jaw bones for the strength of the dental implants that are distinctively designed to be placed in the basal (cortical) bone areas.


This type of surgery breaks through the limitations of conventional implant systems and create the space for implants even where minimal bone is present. With this system, no person can be refused implants on grounds of insufficient bone. Using this, we have provided permanent teeth to many people who have previously been rejected by others.

Basal implants are befitting even for:

  1. Smokers (Though it is better to cease the habit after the treatment)
  2. Diabetics
  3. Patient with Gum diseases
  4. Patient having bone with less height

Along with such wide parameters for treatment in compromised individuals, basal implants are fast, safe and painless implant procedures with many unique characteristics such as:

  • Minimally invasive and less traumatic experience for the patient as it is a single visit treatment.
  • Immediate fixation of teeth –

No waiting time for the implants to “heal”, basal implants immediately after insertion are already integrated in the best available bone. Immediate loading (of artificial teeth) in 72 Hrs with no time delay between procedures is attained. Any patient treated with basal implants can have its chewing function immediately restored.

  • Single piece Implantology –

Single piece implant system (screw and abutment in one) is used which minimizes failure of implants due to interface problems between the connections which exist in conventional two and three piece implants.


  • The need for a second surgery to fix the abutment and the need of interim / provisional dentures is totally eliminated.
  • Basal-cortical bone support –

These implants take support from the basal bone which is a lot more resistant to resorption (melt away). Basal cortical bone also has a much faster and stable repairing capacity.

  • Facilitate implant placement immediately after multiple extractions in single stage anesthesia.
  • Avoidance of bone grafting and sinus lift.
  • Good solution for unfavorable bone situations and multiple shapes and designs help treating diverse group of cases.
  • Virtually no incidence of infections or Peri-implantitis.
  • Post-treatment there are no excessive oral hygiene requirements which patients need to observe.
  • Cost savings – 

In order to avoid the bone grafts and second stage surgery, with the phenomenal reduction in the total treatment time helps save costs in a big way.


That implies “You come with ailment, loose teeth and in a few hours leave with esthetically pleasant and stable teeth”

With Conventional two piece implants, implant patients have to go through the  four different surgical procedures (including bone grafting with an additional surgery, extraction of diseased teeth at the donor site, surgery for insertion of implant and surgery for placement of crown) over a one year period in order to receive implants.

With the Basal implant the problem is solved within in 3 days which includes hopeless teeth extraction, thorough debridement (surgical removal of contaminated tissue) of extraction site to eliminate infection if any, immediate Implant placement and implant loading (artificial teeth placement) in 3 days. With advance technology it is now possible to save 6-8 month for the patient.
Here is a comparison between the two so that you can make a well-informed decision:


Basal implants with immediate loading are the newest addition to the world of dental implants and require a unique expertise acquired through special training and experience of such cases. Dr. Rajat Sachdeva, owner of a renowned dental implant clinic in Delhi, Dr. Sachdeva’s Dental Institute, takes a pride to practice these implants as the first dental implant clinic in Delhi since long with high success rates in full mouth rehabilitation and reconstruction cases. We are able to give our patients new set of full teeth within 24 – 48 hrs of implant placement.





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