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Dental Implants Benefits

18 Oct, 2016

Are you looking for a beautiful smile with dental implants? You must be aware of each & every detail related to dental implants since a healthy outside starts from the inside. We are here to make you aware of what the treatment is all about, procedure, benefits before you choose for the implant surgery.

Dental Implant Treatment

Implantology deals with replacing grossly decayed tooth or filling up the space which have been lost due to trauma, infection, pathology,root canal failure or tooth loss since birth. If you have multiple missing teeth, implants also may serve as secure anchors for a bridge or dentures. Dental implants act as an artificial root which provides anchorage to the bone to support an artificial crown which fulfill the form & function of the natural one.


Dental Implants are placed using a surgical procedure into the jawbone, underneath the gum tissues, in an office setting with local anesthesia. A sterile environment & gentle & cautious surgical procedure are essential to success. Once implants are placed they need some time to integrate with the bone & then abutment is attached to it which later hold the crown.


When to Recommend Implants

Dental implants are recommended in patients with healthy gums, sound & healthy bone to support an implant. Patients must be free of chronic & systemic diseases like uncontrolled diabetes, leukemia, hemophilia, cancer patients receiving radiotherapy. Patients are recommended to enlist the medications prescription they have been taking prior to the surgery.


Benefits of Implants

  • Boost self-confidence: not only helps you to maintain the normal functions like biting & chewing just like the natural teeth but also improves your smile & look attractive.
  • Dental implants look so natural & since they integrate into the bone, no one can really differentiate between the naturals & your implant.
  • Dental Implants preserve bone & significantly reduce bone resorption & deterioration that results in loss of jawbone height.

Health Risks

Patients must inform their implantologist if they have any health condition or problem, taking any medications, allergic to any medication, pregnancy, smoking habits before planning the treatment to be on safer side since every problen have their own consequences. In case patients have any questions related to the procedure they are invited to clear their doubts before the treatment is started to avoid any confusions & maintain the relaxed operatory environment.

Time Required For Treatment to Complete

When one looses natural tooth, a dental implant restores the functions of lost natural tooth. If missing space not restored on time, might lead to bone detrioration. Implants also serve as anchors for a bridge or dentures & provides stability.

The entire process usually takes about 3 visits. However, visits depends upon healing which vary from person to person.

Maintenance of Implants

Long term success with implant retention is determined by good contact of implant with bone. Oral hygiene & regular recall maintenance are the keys for successful implant.

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