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Dental Implants in India – See What Dr. Rajat Sachdeva has to say!

19 Feb, 2019

Notwithstanding the improvements in dental care lately, tooth loss due to periodontal issues, injury and varied other reasons is still commonplace. Per the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, about 70% of population aged between 35 and 44 years end up with a tooth loss while 26% tend to lose all their permanent teeth by the age of 76. Conventional techniques like dentures and bridges can make up for the tooth loss but have their share of limitations that may drive the patient on the edge. Here, implant dentistry is the final piece of the puzzle, ensuring convenience, comfort, aesthetics, and improved oral health and lifestyle.

With roots dating back to ancient Egypt where seashells were used as a replacement for the missing tooth, implant dentistry has come of age. It has gained mainstream acceptance as over 300,000 dental implants are being done annually across India with a remarkable success rate. The procedure is safe, reliable and time efficient, where the best dental implant doctor in India places an implant surgically in the incision on the jawbone. The implant is specifically designed to fuse and integrate with the bone and act as the base upon which the new crown is placed. The crown mimics the original tooth’s look and feel to enhance aesthetics and restore function.

Dental implants in India not only span the space left vacant by the missing tooth/teeth but also reinforce the affected bone structure, and make for effortless, smooth food chewing and flawless smiles. While dentures may slip to hamper the speech and chewing, implants stay intact in their original position, allowing you to communicate verbally and chew food without worry. With implants, you are also relieved of the discomfort and embarrassment associated with wearing/removing detachable dentures periodically. Additionally, implants do not interfere with function, shape or size of the nearby teeth, boosting the long-term oral health.

Since dentistry is an evolving world where changes are rapid and instantaneous, the implant designs, materials and techniques continue to evolve rapidly. For anyone seeking full mouth dental implants in Delhi, a variety of biomaterial options, including ceramics, carbons, polymers, and metals are readily available and so are design options tailored as per the length, diameter and geometry. Safe and effective measures to regulate and eliminate biological response to the implant are also in place to ensure up to 98% success rates. However, implant dentistry in India has to struggle with two fundamental issues – knowledge deficit (particularly across the lower end of the socio-economical scale) and high treatment costs.

My team and I have been delivering top-notch dental implants to Indians and dental vacationers for the past 12 years through state of the art Surgical OT’s in Chandigarh and Delhi. We are guided by the commitment to deliver top of the line results at wallet-friendly prices.

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