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Exposing Implant Dentistry Myths

07 Feb, 2017

Although the implant treatment is a very convenient and advanced solution to many dental conditions but sometimes few people make their own assumptions about it and spread wrong information in the population. The people who have grossly damaged teeth and want to consider denture, dental implants in India proves to be an excellent solution and good choice of treatment.

Here are few myths people spread about an implant that is fake and illogical so you can understand the facts and get the valuable information so that you can decide what is best for you.

Myth 1)  Getting dental implant is a Painful Procedure

One of the most common myths that are not true at all. The process is simple and safe and very effective which allows people to make use of prosthetic teeth in a very effective manner. The implant procedure is done under sedation and people don’t experience pain at all. The recovery time depends on a person’s oral hygiene maintenance. The good your oral habits are, the time is less for recovery. Even dentists prescribe medication which fastens the duration of the recovery so you may not feel discomfort at all.

Myth  2)  The Procedure will Burn a Hole in your Pocket

This is not a very true statement which keeps the people away from opting implants and discourages with the total benefit of artificial teeth. Compared to bridges, an implant is a long-term solution for the lost teeth as bridges need to be replaced after some time. The dental implants in India  is mostly a one-time investment and the amount is recovered with their longevity and less damage to neighboring teeth as in Bridges, it often requires damage to adjacent teeth.

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