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Laser Dentistry

02 Sep, 2017

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Application of laser in dentistry is the efficacious way to carry out different sorts of dental procedures.

Use of this advancement offers minimal or no post-operative discomfort. This implies one can procure higher comfortable experience & outcomes with this innovative advancement.

Execution of such advancement into the dental practice not only provides excellent surgical performance but also higher esthetic outcomes for the clinicians as well as for the patients. Certainly, lasers have replaced many conventional dental procedures & have application in nearly every branch of dentistry.

Laser Root Canal Treatment

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Use of laser into root canal treatment has changed the way one experiences the traditional root canal treatment. Incorporation of this technology in the root canal therapy drastically increases the success rate of the treatment.
Exposure of laser beam in to the root canal removes the deep seated microorganisms by removing the smear layer & cleans the root more thoroughly than the traditional root canal treatment. Along with the reduced chair time & discomfort to the patient, laser technology also reduces the possible side effects from the treatment.

Laser assisted gum disease treatment

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Implementation of laser into gum disease treatment makes the treatment painless, bloodless & suture less. Gum disease treatment via lasers eliminates the need of tissue cutting to considerable or relatively large extent. Using lasers become quite convenient in the areas with lack of accessibility or which cannot be approached easily via conventional surgical procedure & also ensures maximal eradication of notorious bacteria.

Laser teeth whitening treatment

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Teeth whitening seem to be the utmost priority of patients visiting their dentist. Laser teeth whitening provides good result with no side effects.

The procedure involves application of whitening gel over surface of each tooth & heat is generated via lasers eventually speeding up the procedure.

Laser surgeries

Using lasers to perform regular dental surgeries is just like waving a magic wand i.e. performing the surgeries with minimal or no effort.

Lasers eliminate the use of local anesthesia during the procedure & thus eliminating the patient’s fear of injection. Procedures are performed in bloodless field & thus this minimally invasive advancement promotes faster healing compared to the conventional surgeries with no compulsion of sutures.

The choice is yours, if visiting dentist makes your blood run cold, we can help to relieve your fear or anxiety of visiting dentist. Schedule an appointment or call Dr. Sachdeva’s Dental Institute, best dental implant clinic in ashok vihar to know more about laser assisted dental treatments and dental implants in India.

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