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Maintenance of Clean Space Between Implant Supported Bridge & Gums

20 Oct, 2017

                     Maintenance of clean space between implant supported bridge & gums  Maintenance of clean space between implant supported bridge & gums

Good oral hygiene maintenance is of paramount importance to patients with implant prosthesis just similar to those with natural teeth. 

Gone are the days, when people used to get embarrass because of falling dentures publically or in social gatherings. In today’s world with advancement in dental practices, dental implants is the foremost treatment alternative for replacement of few or many missing teeth. Other than replacing an individual tooth, appropriately placed few dental implants can support other restorations too like fixed dentures & fixed dental bridges without the likelihood of falling out. 

Certainly, it’s quite a challenge to deep clean underneath the fixed implant bridges & dentures. However, life time survival & success of your new restorations demand routine dental care.

The good integration between dental implants & bone makes the restoration & implants strong & stable. 

What if, the connection between two weakens? 

                                                                   two weakens

This occurs due to periodontal (gum) disease caused by accumulation of dental plaque around the restorations & implants. The untreated & accumulated dental plaque from the gums spread down the bone & leads to bone loss over time & eventually implant failure.

To conclude further from the above mentioned statement, routine oral hygiene maintenance not only keeps implants, teeth & gums healthy, but combination of appropriate daily brushing & flossing can help your dental implants & restorations last a lifetime.

                                                         dental implants & restorations

Interdental brushes & flossing 

                                    Interdental brushes & flossing  Interdental brushes & flossing-1

Are most effective for patients with dental Implants to keep the under surface of the bridge or prosthesis clean.
There is no remarkable difference between the uses of electric, manual or sonic toothbrushes, the principal focus needs to be the patient’s proficiency & precise brushing techniques capable enough to keep the under surface of the bridge plaque free.

Despite the use of interdental brushes, dental floss has gained more attention, as dental floss is commonly recommended in areas where toothbrushes are unable to reach. Although, it can be very challenging to use floss under the fixed bridge, as it requires patient’s dexterity.
It’s easy to use floss in the areas where contacts are not fused. What about in the contacts of bridge?

The contacts of the bridge however are connected & therefore floss cannot pass between them. Flossing under the bridge can be unchallenging with the use of floss threader, same as needle & thread. The floss is guided under the contact point with the floss threader that acts like needle to insert the floss under the contact point. The area of missing teeth can now be flossed by moving floss as usual into the sulcus of the adjacent implant & under the missing tooth pontic. 

                                                                    missing tooth pontic

Water flossers/Oral irrigators  

                                  Water flossers/Oral irrigators Water flossers/Oral irrigators-1

Dr. Rajat Sachdeva, a renowned dentist in north delhi highly recommends patients to use water flosser for the reduction of dental plaque around the dental implants.

Patients must use this system twice a day along with the use of diluted antimicrobial rinse, as it reduces gum disease along with the advantage of delivering antimicrobial rinse in the hard to reach areas around the prosthesis. If used on daily basis, water flosser has proven to prevent inflammation & extremely helpful in keeping the areas clean around the fixed prosthesis.

Plaque free surfaces of implant supported prosthesis increases its longevity.  

                                                                     implant supported prosthesis increases its longevity                    
To help patients protect their dental implants & prosthesis, key points on oral hygiene recommendations are highly important. For more information on maintenance of your dental implants in India, schedule an appointment at Dr. Sachdeva’s Dental Institute, the best dental implant clinic in Ashok Vihar.

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