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Mouth: A Window to the Whole Body!

06 Mar, 2019


Just like the other body parts such as stomach, the oral cavity is a hub to multiple micro organisms or microbe. A million of micro-organisms are found in the mouth. They are usually maintained as good microbes when the oral hygiene is maintained. The maintenance is mainly by brushing and flossing regularly. However if this is not done then the microbial flora and the count can increase and become pathogenic. 

It a known fact that there are many other medical problems which can be initiated or exacerbated by them. In this article we shall discuss about the various medical problems of the other body parts which can be affected by a dental problem. It is true that there is a corelation between some medical problems and bad oral hygiene. 

There are a lot of times when the signs of medical problem are first seen in the oral cavity. This means that if there is any problem in the oral cavity you should go and consult your dentist at the earliest. To receive the right treatment and correct diagnosis you should book your appointment today the best dental clinic in New Delhi at Dr Rajat Sachdeva’s Dental Institute, Ashok Vihar right away.

What are the various medical conditions which can worsen if oral hygiene is not maintained? 
The few medical ailments affected by bad oral hygiene are:

  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Pre-term labor
  • Heart diseases
  • Lung diseases
  • Cancer 

Let us now explain each condition in detail.

Diabetes Mellitus:

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It is a medical condition that is related to increased blood sugar levels which ultimately affects the various parts of the body such as the teeth, kidney and our eyes. Thus it is very important to control the blood sugar levels in our body. 
If the sugar levels are left high in out body for a long period of time then it affects our teeth in a lot of ways. It causes gum problems such as loosening of teeth also called as Periodontitis. The support system of the teeth is affected. The bone becomes weak and thus the teeth start to move.  Studies have shown that diabetic people have a increased chances of developing infection or have affected wound healing such as delayed healing of an extraction socket. 

Long term high blood sugar levels can show the following affects on the mouth:

  • Increased Tooth decay
  • Gum diseases / gingivitis / periodontitis
  • Dry mouth / xerostomia
  • Taste impairment 
  • Infection and delayed wound healing
  • Fungal infections 

However it is also documented that if the oral hygiene is not maintained, then it can directly affect the blood sugar levels in the body. They can intensify the problems associated with increased blood sugar levels.  Thus it is necessary that if you suffer from diabetes then you shall visit your dentist today and asks him all the questions you want to ask. After all prevention is better than cure. 

Pre term labor

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It is a well documented fact that pregnant women have a higher chances of experiencing pre term labor if they do not maintain their oral hygiene. The bacteria present in the calculus deposits on your teeth can initiate the release of oxytocin hormone which is responsible for contractions during labour. 

Thus it becomes highly important that all the pregnant ladies maintain their oral hygiene by visiting your dentist regularly during your pregnancy. Please keep in mind that during pregnancy due to up and down in your hormones makes you more susceptible to oral problems. So a visit once in two months is a good practice. 

Heart diseases


The micro-organisms present in the calculus are known to cause a complication in already existing heart condition. It can cause rheumatic fever. Patients having prosthetic valve in their heart are at a greater risk of developing an infection in their valve if proper care is not taken. It is very important for you to inform your dentist if you are suffering from any heart condition. 


Lung diseases

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Patients can suffer from conditions like pneumonia, COPD etc if their oral hygiene is not maintained. This takes place when the bad oral hygiene gives a house for growth of all infectious bacterias in the mouth. Since the lung is very close to the mouth. These bacteria can get dislodged and then enter the lungs thus causing the disease.


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Oral habits like smoking tobacco and chewing tobacco increases the chances of getting oral cancer. Your dentist plays a key role in diagnosing the cancer at an early stage. It is a documented fact that smoking tobacco and chewing tobacco causes changes in your oral mucosa which are called pre cancerous stages. These can only be diagnosed by a dentist and if caught early can save many lives. This is only possible if you are truthful with your dentist and visit him on a regular basis. 


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This is an immune-compromised condition. There are a lot of changes that are seen in the mouth when a patient suffers from this condition. Such as non healing ulcers, black coating on the tongue etc. Thus in lot of cases it is seen that these oral conditions can become a diagnostic factor. Thus regular dental visits become very important. 


Bulemia/ Eating disorder

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It is a condition where the person has a habit of eating very less or have a habit of vomiting the food out after eating. This is done to maintain the weight  or figure of the person as he or she feels that its essential for them. However due to continuous vomiting and decreased food intake there are lot of changes seen in the oral cavity. 

These include erosion of the teeth from the lingual side with poor bone and gum quality as the nutrition is affected immensely.  

Gastrointestinal problems

It is a documented fact that bad mouth odour can indicate can sometimes be a sign of a intestinal problem and other medical problems. 

Thus a lot of medical problems show there first signs in the oral cavity and early diagnosis or finding of these can help a patient in the long run. It is very important for each one to maintain there dentist appointment at regular basis. As the saying goes ‘ Prevention is better than cure’. Post reading this article it is essential for you to maintain oral hygiene by regular brushing and flossing followed by regular dental hygiene check ups. These include cleaning of the teeth by a professional. 

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