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Same Day Dental Implants-Teeth in a Day

09 Jan, 2018

Dental implants are the most favourable solution for the replacement of missing teeth. 
Same day dental implants!
As the name itself defines, same day dental implants are the immediate implants that proffer patients fixed teeth immediately after the implant placement.

What is an Immediate Dental Implant?

May be you’ve never considered implants as a possible & practical option for the replacement of decayed or missing teeth, believing the procedure to be too long with several months of waiting period for the prosthesis. But, with time even the idea of dental implant treatment has evolved gradually.

In certain cases, there are possibilities for placement of dental implants at the same time of extraction of tooth. Often the patient’s existing root is utilized in order to replace a failed tooth.

Once an access is made via root, tooth is pulled out of a socket, cleaned & implant is placed in the same socket. At the day of implant placement, it is immediately loaded.

What makes immediate implants different from the traditional implants?

Traditional implants placement demand for the socket to heal before the placement, whereas it’s different for immediate implants. Besides the reduced procedure time, immediate implant offer many advantages over the traditional implants.

Implants when placed into the same site as the extraction socket, it makes easier for the positioning of final crown, thus minimizing the need of angulated abutments.

  • Soft tissue profile is preserved i.e. immediate loading prevents the recession of gingival tissues. 
  • Shorter treatment time along with reduced surgical intervention. 
  • Fewer clinical visits contribute to patient’s comfort.
  • Reduced time period of esthetic & functional deficiency.

Good candidates for immediate implants!

Factors to be contemplated before a patient can be considered a good candidate for immediate implant placement implies:

  • In order to promote the favourable outcome, site for immediate implant placement must be free of any infection i.e. the area must be free of inflammation & gum disease. In case of inflammation, the area in question needs to be treated beforehand.
  • For the immediate implant placement the bone volume & density must be assessed first around the site to be treated. In case of bone loss, the site needs to undergo bone grafting before the implant placement as the deteriorating bone won’t be able to stabilize the new implants.
  • Patients willing to improve their speech & function & do not want to be tooth less for a substantial amount of time.

Missing tooth/teeth can affect you psychologically as well as physically & is a traumatic experience for our patients. We advice our patients to choose this as a treatment option in order to see immediate results. 

We at Dr. Sachdeva’s Dental Implant India Institute offer a revolutionary dental implant treatment which involves immediate replacement of decayed, failing or missing teeth which helps our patients experience appreciative quality of life along with the self confidence in one day. 

If you are about to undergo an extraction & want a tooth immediately, immediate implant treatment could be an option for you.





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