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Six Important Oral Health Concerns for Men

05 Dec, 2017

”Take care of your body it’s the only place you have to live.”

Good oral health has been recently linked with longevity. Men are less likely than women to seek preventive dental care and may ignore their dental health for years, visiting a dentist only when a problem arises.

According to the American Dental Association.In addition:

  • The average man is less likely to brush his teeth after every meal (20.5% compared with 28.7% for women).
  • The average man is less likely to brush his teeth twice a day (49% compared with 56.8% for women).
  • As compared to women, Men have more untreated dental decay than women(28% compared with 26% for women, age 36-44)
  • The average man brushes his teeth 1.9 times a day and will lose 5.4 teeth by age 72 .If he smokes, he can plan on losing 12 teeth by age 72.
  • Men are more likely to develop oral and throat cancer and periodontal (gum) disease.

Men, in particular, should consider the following:

1 .How do you take care of your teeth at home?

Men are less likely than women to efficiently brush their teeth and men are also less efficient to floss religiously. As your dentist we recommend brushing at least twice a day once in a morning and once at night to prevent cavities and gum disease, but Men will always be Men, So only fewer men adhere to this.

2. When was your last dental checkup?

Men are less likely than women to pursue preventive care to preserve their oral health. It is advisable to undergo dental checkup and cleaning at least twice a year, to maintain a good oral hygiene, however more men than women skip preventative cleaning and visit the dentist only when they are in pain or have some oral health problem.

3. Do you take medication?

Since men tend to suffer more from heart attacks, they are more likely to be on medications that can cause dry mouth. If you take any types of antidepressants, your flow of saliva will be inhibited which increase the risk of cavities. Saliva helps to reduce the cavity causing bacteria found in your mouth.

4. Do you use Tobacco?

Men, In general, are at greater risk for gum disease and oral cancer. If you are among who smokes or chews tobacco you are at even greater risk. The carcinogens in these products are directly linked to oral cancer, the most common site of oral cancer are the tongue, the floor of the mouth, soft palate tissues in back of the tongue, lips and gums. More than 95% of oral cancer occurs after age 40, but cancer can occur at any age. It is really important to identify cancer at an early stage, as oral cancer can spread, leading to chronic pain, irreparable facial and oral disfigurement, loss of function, following surgery and even can lead to death. More than 8000 people die each year from oral and pharyngeal cancer. The dental checkup done after your cleaning
includes screening for oral cancer. This screening alone is a good reason to see your dentist regularly.

5. Do you have dry mouth?

As already mentioned in the beginning, men are more prone to some disorders like heart disease and high blood pressure. These conditions also affect the oral health, since the medications used to treat them leads to dry mouth, with less saliva to help fight the bacteria in their mouths, these men are more susceptible to dental decay and bad breath.

6. Do you play sports?

If you participate in sports, you have a greater potential for trauma to your mouth and teeth. If you play contact sports, such as football soccer, basketball and even baseball, it is important to use mouth guard, which is a flexible appliance made of plastic that protects teeth from trauma, as replacing teeth is an expensive and unexpected expense and going without teeth is nots socially and professionally acceptable as it once was.

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