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Steps To a New Smile Using Dental Implants at Dr. Sachdeva's Dental Institute

18 Oct, 2016

Assessment, Diagnosis & Treatment Planning

First of all we precede the systemic & dental evaluation & their implications for dental implants. Traditional radiographic surveys such as OPG & CBCT are often needed to estimate bone quantity & quality, as well as the presence of anatomic limitations. Periodontal charting & caries detection are part of the early evaluation. After complete evaluation, we plan the treatment according to the case. Treatment planning involves making decisions about prosthesis design, grafting procedures, & temporization, as well as the number & position of implants. This whole criteria helps out the patient to understand their condition & expectations.


Surgery for dental implants placement is carried out under local anesthesia. The time of the surgical procedure vary from case to case. Implant placement can be immediate i.e. placement of an implant at the time of extraction of the infected tooth, implant placement following bone grafting & sinus floor elevation. This is decided by the clinician after proper evaluation what is best suited for you.


Describes the attachment of bone to the surface of an implant. The amount of time required between inserting an implant & beginning restoration has changed. Originally, it was necessary to wait upto 6 months after implant placement before restoration phase. Due to improvements in implant surfaces, waiting period has been shortenend to 6-12 weeks for many implant systems.

In two-stage implants usually require surgical re-entry after placement of implant in order to uncover them. 6 weeks period after uncovering for gingival tissues to heal. Second surgery is avoided according to the case by placing healing abutment at the time of implant placement. One-stage implants do not require a second surgery.


After completion of osseointegration & removal of healing caps, restoration phase begins. We start with impression taking, selecting & preparing abutments, fabricating a crown or prosthesis & prosthesis delivery.


On the day of prosthesis delivery, we tell our patient how to use an array of home care devices. Good oral hygiene is just as important to patients with an implant prosthesis as to those people who have their natural teeth. Regular checkup appointments will usually be scheduled at 1, 3, & 6 month intervals in the first year. At these checkups, x-rays may be taken to examine the implant-bone relationship & rule out any disease.

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