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07 Feb, 2017

dental implant clinic in delhi

Teeth in an hour restore your smile on the day of surgery itself without making you wait for weeks or months.

With this revolutionary & innovative procedure, patients get a chance to quickly & conveniently replace their teeth.

Procedure to place teeth in an hour

To start with this procedure an extensive planning before surgery is very important. We make impressions, digital radiographs & using imaging software the lab generates a 3D model of your teeth which allows us to visualize the important landmarks. We then plan accordingly which further help saving your valuable time & gives us the precise location to place an implant, also the required prosthesis is fabricated before your surgery.

On the day of surgery, the patient is administered with an anesthetic to make you comfortable & once the anesthesia is achieved, we start with the implant placement. Once implants are inserted, it takes time to integrate with the bone. During the healing period, we restore your functional smile with temporary restoration so that you can return to your normal day-to-day life activities on the same day itself.

Once the implant is fully integrated within the bone, we restore your smile with the permanent restoration. Dental implant clinic in Delhi makes sure that the procedure is properly communicated to the patient before it takes place.

Benefits of teeth in an hour

The question on everyone’s mind would be why to choose teeth in an hour?

This innovative intervention offers you the following benefits:

Increases the chances of precise or accurate implant placement by avoiding the contact in the vicinity of anatomical structures & providing the accurate measurement with the adjacent teeth or implant.

Reduces the dental visits.

Minimal discomfort & swelling.

Patients can return to their day activities with no embarrassment of missing teeth.

Have missing teeth?

dental implants in delhi

If you have missing teeth, contact Dr. Sachdeva’s Dental Institute to schedule your consultation. We can help you determine if you are a good candidate for teeth in an hour. Dental implants in delhi can give you a brand new teeth just in an hour.
This advancement benefits people by restoring back their diminishing self-confidence due to an unpleasant appearance of teeth. Also, people take advantage of this innovative procedure because people value physical looks than it was being valued a long time ago.

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