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Tooth re-conturing and re-shaping

08 Jan, 2018

When you think or talk about the Tom Cruise, you always think of his smile: white teeth which are in perfect alignment, a grin that dazzles you again and again. It might surprise you to know that one of Hollywood’s biggest stars didn’t always have that million-dollar mug. Cruise is one of many celebrities who’ve gone to a cosmetic dentist before appearing for movies, to change the appearance of his teeth.

Same as some of the other stars such as : Miley Cirus(Actress and Singer), Zac Efron(Actor), Victoria Backham( Singer and Fashion icon) , Morgan freeman (Actor ) and the list continues …

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Any dental work which improves the appearances of the teeth, gums or bite . Its main aim is to improve dental aesthetics in teeth color, shape, size alignment and overall smile appearances.

What are re-contouring and reshaping?

When the small defect in your teeth does not give you enough confidence to smile in front of the public such as a chip in the front tooth, some worn edges, or shallow pits or grooves in the tooth enamel are some minor issues, excessively small teeth as compared to the jaws resulting in gaps in-between the teeth, fractures or overlaps , these can be corrected with the help of our cosmetic dentist from Ashok Vihar , Delhi Dr. Rajat Sachdeva with techniques known as re-contouring and re-shaping.

The surface of the enamel of tooth/teeth are polished in shape, cleaned to compensate the imperfections and smoothened.

It is inexpensive, non-invasive, quick, painless and definitely brings change in the personality.

Any advantage?

  1. The focus is to slight change the teeth shape and size and brings back the teeth alignment with the rest, giving a perfect elated smile.
  2. Mostly done with the upper central, lateral and canine as they are easily visible.
  3. It also benefits good oral hygiene by removing the overlapping and bringing back the tooth shape and size.
  4. Reduces the chance of caries and gum disease.

What happens next?

At the first visit, the defects are examined to be minor if they can be corrected by re-contouring and re-shaping.

An X-ray is to be done to verify if the teeth are healthy enough to undergo such treatment.

teeth contouring is mostly done in a single visit, although a follow-up visit might be necessary.

A “before” and “after” photograph is often taken for references and differences to be easily made.

As this is non-invasive, the only removal of surface enamel makes it painless, but due to that, the tooth becomes prone to sensitivity with hot and cold for a day or two after the procedure.

The procedure is not lengthy. (duration =30/60 mins )

As the removal is very minimal so the healing is also not necessary, patient can eat food immediately after the procedure.

What are the perfect patients that satisfy the treatment?

Minor imperfections: minor unevenness, shallowly pitted surfaces, small chips, slight overlaps or worn biting areas in their teeth other indications are one or more teeth out of proportions to the rest of the set, such as large jointly canine.

Contraindications: Some characteristics of the teeth that might preclude reshaping are- thin enamel, recently erupted teeth, previous extensive restorations of surrounding teeth, teeth having gum structure (pulp polyps) that would be disturbed by the procedure, or teeth that are still shifting. Some contouring is not recommended if it will adversely affect the patient's bite.

Limitations: The risks involved in the procedure include the removal of too much enamel, reappearance of the problem or subjecting the tooth to a greater chance of breakage or decay. If it is due to grinding of the teeth. However, seeing an experienced best dentist in Ashok Vihar, Delhi Dr. Sachdeva who is mastered in Cosmetic Dentistry, amusingly eliminates these risks.


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