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Ultrasonic Scaling/Cleaning

23 Oct, 2017


As it is known to all that dental plaque is the main/primary causative agent of periodontal disease. If left uncleaned over time, it leads to the accumulation of harder deposits called calculus around & below the teeth or gums & devastates one’s oral health condition. In order to attain oral health free of disease causing bacteria, a careful & precise dental cleaning is mandatory.

The goal of Dental cleaning or non-surgical periodontal therapy indicates maintenance of good oral health via removal of the calculus & plaque from your teeth with no damage to the roots of teeth. 

The procedure is relatively painless, accomplished with the use of ultrasonic scaler. There was a time, when scaling was performed accompanied by manual dental instruments, but in last decades with its fast & efficacious use ultrasonic scaler has surpassed the use of traditional dental cleaning.

Why do teeth require special cleaning?
Our mouth is full of bacteria, bacteria constantly leads to the formation of colourless plaque over the teeth surface. Plaque that could not be removed hardens to form bacteria harbouring tartar or calculus. As calculus forms between the tooth & gum tissue inflammation of gums occur known as gingivitis. Gum tissue gets detached from the tooth & leads to formation of a pocket (pathological deepening of gingival sulcus) full of proliferating bacteria.

Plaque & calculus spread & grow below the gum line breaking down bone & connective tissue. Scaling & root planing is the recommended treatment for treating periodontal disease.

Without treatment, damaged root surfaces will continue to harbour plaque & calculus build up. The plaque releases toxic waste products which provokes destructive response from your body such as inflammation & bone resorption. It can result in irreversible loss of bone support around your teeth. As pockets become deeper, damage occurs more rapidly due to inability to clean these areas. Tooth mobility, tooth loss, abscesses may occur, if left untreated.

Scaling & root planing may be recommended as the first step in actively controlling your periodontal disease. It comprises of a very thorough cleaning & smoothing of all the surfaces of tooth & root to remove plaque & calculus below the gum line to the bottom of pocket. Root surfaces are rough due to deposits of plaque & calculus build up that are attached to your root surfaces. The roughness harbours plaque & bacteria which is irritating to the gums causing inflammation.

With smooth root surfaces, supporting tissues can then re-attach to the tooth surface or at least decrease the inflammation encouraging a healthier pocket.

Often local anesthetic will be used to help make it more comfortable for you. A medicated rinse may be prescribed to promote the healing process. 

More frequent ultrasonic scaling at Dr. Sachdeva’s Dental Institute, the best dental clinic in ashok vihar along with strict home care routine will increase your chances of keeping your natural smile.

What does ultrasonic scaler do?

                                                       ultrasonic scaler

With the advancement in dental practice, dental hygiene goals have evolved too. The use of ultrasonic scaler with its high vibrational energy effectively disrupts plaque biofilms, calculus & bacterial deposits from beneath or above the teeth along with the therapeutic flushing of periodontal pocket with cooling water or antimicrobial irrigant. This favourable advancement effectively removes the deposits supra (above) & subgingivally (beneath the gums) & actively encourages healing. 

Advantages of ultrasonic scaling over manual scaling

                                                            Advantages of ultrasonic scaling over manual scaling

  • Certainly, ultrasonic scaler is relatively more time efficient & specially designed tips make it possible to deeply penetrate the periodontal pockets & clean it effectively without letting the clinician apply more force.
  • The handpiece incorporated with LED increases the accessibility in the hard to reach areas.
  • Ultrasonic scaler is highly effective in disrupting the hard deposits from & within the root surfaces making them helpful for patients require frequent maintenance.
  • Antimicrobial rinse or saline provide irrigation which flushes out the bacteria & improves healing.

The advantages of ultrasonic scaling over manual scaling are innumerable. Dr. Rajat Sachdeva, best dentist in Ashok Vihar agrees that the incorporation of ultrasonic scaler into practice provides best clinical outcome, patient comfort & reduced time for non surgical periodontal therapy. 

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