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Weirdly I dont get numb at my dentist chair

10 Jan, 2018

Let’s just talk about not getting numb at dental chair even after perpetual attempt by your dentist. I heard stories from my friends keep telling their experience as dentist and some stories from my patients too about not getting numb after local anesthesia.

Perhaps assorted reasons may be documented in certain articles about not getting numb at dental clinics. Various reasons are mentioned some of them we will discuss here

  1. May be you have active infections underneath your tooth. Which hinders the action of the adrenaline and local anesthesia to work upon and you experience pain while dental procedure. However your dentist will try to make you understand the reason behind not getting numb and he will continue you with couple of antibiotic for few weeks. The chemistry of local anesthesia plays a role here, if you have an infection for quite long, there is deposition of local anesthesia in the space around your tooth which will takes long time than usual or maybe it will not work at all because anesthesia require basic environment to work to get hydrolyze while in case of infection, the environment is acidic which hamper the action of the local anesthesia.
  2. The other reason may be of your weird anatomy sometimes the location of the nerve is further or perhaps some deviation from the normal anatomy. Sometimes god wired you in different pattern than other well it doesn’t conclude you are mutant or x-man (laughter) but may be you required different approach to get numb.
  3. Well we all know, that injections is fearful. All of us somewhere at sometimes have to face it and none of us like it for obvious reason. It is very painful and we petrified just with the thought. So dental chairs are no less than a terrible nightmare and injection inside mouth, well not a cup of tea for fainted heart and couple of people also faint out of phobias but guys dental injection are not as terrible as you imagined. Any movement during injection changes the direction of needle and result in deposition at wrong site which results in not getting numb.
  4. If you have red hairs! Yes you are hearing it right my friends some studies concluded and cases are also documented that people with red hair show resistance to local anesthesia. Well if you have then your genetics don’t want you to get numb easily. Perhaps you guys need some more dose to achieve the effect.
  5. Not using epinephrine, it is really important to use epinephrine in local anesthesia to get the hassle result and more blood free field for surgical procedure well my dentist pal as you know it is a potent vasoconstrictor it also helps in gaining blood free field and also enhance its duration.

I love to block for my patients or friends to answer the basic queries you face during dental treatments.

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