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Dental Implants Vs Bridge

Dental Implants Vs Dental Bridge

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The pro of the dental implant is the fact that it is most like a natural tooth. It’s easy to clean around, you can floss in between it and it doesn’t require any type of drilling of filing of the tooth next to it. If something goes wrong with the dental implant, the teeth next to the space are not affected. It also allows for the bone to stay in place because being a titanium rod it acts as root of the natural tooth.

The downside to a dental implant for some people is that not everybody is a surgical candidate. It does take longer for this prosthesis to be completed and the initial cost is more expensive.

The pros and cons of a dental bridge are that you cannot clean around is as easily as you can a dental implant. The bridge itself requires filling of the teeth next to the space. Because it’s attached to that natural tooth you can’t floss in between. This can potentially lead to decay and periodontal disease.

If you do get decay on the teeth anchoring that tooth, it will cause you to lose the entire bridge itself. Initially the cost of a dental bridge is less expensive than an implant and it does not require surgery or take as long to replace.

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dental implant vs bridge

dental implant vs bridge