DSDI was established in 2006

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Dental Tourism

We are proud to extend our services not just to patients across India but all over the globe. Patients from various countries including Gulf countries, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Italy and New Zealand have found respite, relief and grade I treatment at our center proving us to be one of the best in our field..

Our patients with their problems contact us via email or phone. Just to be sure regarding the diagnosis & treatment plan we ask them to email us their OPG or CBCT & we revert via e-mail or skype. We advice the treatment plan accordingly with duration of stay & approximate cost for the treatment planned.

You can get world class treatment at an affordable price without feeling the pinch in your pocket. You can get all the dental treatment procedure done under the same roof only. You can enjoy your vacation in India while getting treated.

We believe that a patient’s case should be diagnosed fully before they buy their airline tickets. In order to do that we request the patient to send their X-rays, OPG, Photographs to fully evaluate the case and plan a treatment for the patient accordingly.

You can have a conversation with us over the phone and can clear all your doubts regarding your condition. We have a very positive and refreshing atmosphere where you won’t feel away from home.

The staff at our clinic are highly qualified with ample of experience in their field who cater to all your treatment needs. We have all the latest technology for all treatment which reduces the time duration of treatment and benefits the patient.

In order to come out with definite conclusion we recommend our patients to tell us the area of chief complaint with all the aggravating factors by sharing photographs of the affected areas and any kind of problem or discomfort. In case of cosmetic dentistry, patients are recommended to mail their photographs with front & side views as per individual cases. In case patient is on any medication or undergoing any treatment, they should affirm us before planning the treatment. Patients are requested to get their signed medical clearance letter from their physician confirming the fitness of the patient to undergo surgical procedures under local anesthesia with adrenaline. Our services make us an established name offering dental implants in india.

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