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Fees and Cost Analysis at Dr. SACHDEVA DENTAL INSTITUTE.

We will provide you with every minute details of our institution. Transparency is the key to build any relation and for us our patients are not our responsibility but we creating a family. We will provide you with world class treatment modalities and give a clear glimpse of the cost of your treatment .We have an open approach for our patients to finance and also talk to the patient regarding the total cost of the treatment before we start any treatment.

For convenience of our abroad friends we give you an idea of the cost so that you can plan a visit to INDIA accordingly. Here is the list of the cost of treatment below which will help you to gain a fair prospective of the cost of the treatment.

Consultation fees ₹ 500
IOPA X- Rays cost ₹ 200 per tooth
Scaling and polishing ₹ 750 -2500
Pit and fissure sealant ₹ 500 per tooth
Dental filling cost ₹ 500 -3500 per tooth
Cost of root canal treatment ₹ 4000-6000 per tooth
Post RCT filling cost ₹ 1000-4000
Post and core cost ₹ 2500-3500
Repeat root canal treatment (re RCT)cost ₹ 6000 onwards per tooth
Cost of tooth colored porcelain fused to metal crown/Cap/Bridge ₹ 6500 per unit
Cost of Metal free 3M monolith or Czar full Zirconia Crown/Cap/Bridge ₹ 8500 per unit
All Ceramic 3M Essential/Czar zirconia crown plus/E-MAXcrown/cap/bridge ₹ 12500 per unit
All Ceramic 3M Lava Zirconia/Czar Crown/Cap/Bridges ₹ 13500
Caps/Crowns/Bridge(All Ceramic 3M Lava Zirconia premium crown) ₹ 15500\unit
Caps/Crowns/Bridges(All Ceramic procera alumina/ Zirconia Crown) ₹ 16500\unit
Caps/Crowns/Bridges:onwards per unit(GOLD CROWN) ₹ 18000 onwards\per unit
Dental Veneers Cost and Laminates Cost ₹ 5500 to 15000\unit
Inlay /Onlay per tooth (metallic) ₹ 2500\tooth
Inlay/Onlay (Composite) ₹ 4500\tooth
Inlay/Onlay(ceramic) ₹ 8000 to 12500
Laser gum Depigmentation Cost ₹ 6000/12000\arch
Gum Recontouring Cost/gum esthetic surgery cost ₹ 500-10000\tooth
Periodontal surgery cost ₹ 500-2000\tooth
Bone Grafting cost ₹ 8000onwards
Simple extraction cost ₹ 500-1500\tooth
Surgical Extraction cost/wisdom teeth extraction cost ₹ 3500-7500\tooth
Dental Implants in INDIA (noble replace with straight abutment) ₹ 30000
Premium dental implants in india Nobel replace with Esthetic abutment ₹ 37500
Premium dental implant – Nobel Replace with Zirconia abutment ₹ 42000
Economical Dental Implants- Implants for crown, bridges and dentures ₹ 16000 onwards
Direct sinus lift surgery cost ₹ 20000 for each side
Hybrid denture cost 50000 onwards\arc
Complete denture with bar and clip attachment cost ₹ 20000 per arch
Complete denture with ball attachment cost ₹ 15000 per arch
All on four denture implants system with fix acrylic bridge ₹ 160000 per arch
Implant supported porcelain bridge,full arch With minimum 6 implants ₹ 275000 per arch
Standard Complete denture cost ₹ 25000 to 35000 for a pair of upper and lower dentures
Cast partial denture cost ₹ 20000 per arch
Orthodontic treatment cost(metallic braces cost) ₹ 25000 onwards
Orthodontic treatment cost(ceramic braces cost) ₹ 45000 onwards
Orthodontic treatment cost(invisible braces cost/clear path aligner cost) ₹ 100000 onwards
Teeth whitening cost(office bleaching) ₹ 12000
Teeth jewellery cost ₹ 2000 – 3000 per tooth
Soft night guard cost /bite guard cost ₹ 2500
Sports guard cost ₹ 3000

The above mention list is the general cost of the treatment we are offering at our institute. Some procedures are patient specific and the treatment will be cost accordingly. Thus, the estimate of the cost will be decided at the time of treatment. An attractive discount will be provided to the patient with multiple treatments. Fix your appointment with us and give us a chance to treat you .

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