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  • Smilee_image 23 Oct, 2017

    Dental health at the comfort of one's door step seemed like a far fetched dream a few years back.... but no more! We at Dr sachdeva's dental and implant centre are providing just that and much more. For patients who need urgent oral and dental treatments, for young and elderly, in cases of accidents and in severe health conditions like paralysis where reaching a dentist becomes extremely challenging we are committed to provide step by step procedures that are case specific and need based. So think no more as the best dentist is just a call away and available in the comfort of your own homes.

  • Smile_image 29 Aug, 2017

    A beautiful #smile is worth a thousand words & is the physical trait that most people notice upon" I love helping my #patients achieve their #oralhealth goals and love sharing their smile stories with my friends.Thanks a lot Ranjini for the lovely #feedback . #smilestories #smilesbyrajat #drrajatsachdeva#leveraging the latest Innovation #DSD #optimal #teethforms and #positions #RejuvenatedSmile #PAINLESS #efficient #precise #foreseeable, #predictable #happypatient #PersonalizedSmile. Last but not least, to see the final result makes you happy before the #treatment, and You will become #confident, if you know what to expect.

  • blog 21 Aug, 2017

    Happy patient after #nobelguidedsurgery #NobelGuide #Teeth-in-an-Hour is minimally invasive procedure in replacing #multiplemissing teeth. Patients recover faster and also have their new teeth in a fraction of the time that it takes for conventional  

  • 21 Aug, 2017

    The mission Dr.#Sachdeva's #DentalInstitute is to ensure the use of #ionizingradiation and #nuclearenergy in India does not cause undue risk to the health of #people and the #environment. 

  • blog 21 Aug, 2017

    This #Smile Says It All! Happy #patient after #Dentalimplants:, the latest solution for improved #aesthetics, patient comfort and #oralhealth after #toothloss#awesomemonday #megagenimplants #nobelbiocare #anyridgeimplants 

  • Blog 29 Jun, 2017

    Gaining teeth in not just about gaining physical ease in eating and smiling but it is also about gaining confidence to face the world. It is also about rediscovering oneself and enjoying social relationships with a newly found sense of self worth... and what does a practitioner gain from providing this to a patient? I gain blessings, a belief that I can bring about a massive change in the way they have lived without something so vital and I gain good will to carry on being the torch bearer.... proud to do my bit everyday of my work life.... gratitude Regards : Dr.Rajat Sachdeva

  • Blog 30 Mar, 2017


    dental implant in india

    It is the procedure to reduce bone loss that occurs after tooth extraction due to healing events that take place in the socket.


    After extraction, bone resorption occurs and jaw bone looses it original shape and architecture. With socket preservation this process of bone resorption is reduced and the integrity of dental arch is maintained.

                           Extaction without Socket                                                    Extaction withot Socket


    This process begins with atraumatic tooth extraction such that, the integrity of soft tissue surrounding the tooth is not disrupted and also the bone surrounding the tooth is left sound and intact.

    After extraction all the granulation tissue present in the socket is removed and good bleeding is established.
    After that PLATELET RICH FIBRIN or BONE GRAFTING MATERIAL is placed in the socket. The socket is then directly closed with sutures or covered with a non-resorbable or resorbable membrane and then sutured.

    dental implant in india

    Socket preserved after extraction provides the best support for the future restoration of missing teeth. You can get this service at Dental Implant India easily.

    dental implant in india

  • Blog 06 Jun, 2017

    Dr.#RajatSachdeva recently attended the #ICAOI Symposium in New Delhi! This 3-day workshop consisted of seminars and hands-on techniques to further their knowledge in #dentalimplants. #Learning, #researching, #sharing #thoughtprovoking and #educational

  • Blog 20 Jun, 2017

    When we go back in time and recall all about our academic escapades, more than methodologies, techniques and procedures what we remember are our teachers.... good or bad! This only indicates that even in times of IT advancement there can not be teaching without a teacher. Teachers influence in ways like no other. Realizing my role in learners' life, I feel overwhelmed and grateful and pledge to work harder each day..

  • Blog 21 Mar, 2017

    WHO defines health as a complete state of well-being and not merely an absence of disease. Well-being is not just physical but socio, emotional, and spiritual too. At all these levels oral health contributes to our sense of wellness. Today as we celebrate World Oral Health Day, we pledge to eradicate from your lives all oral ills so you can lead truly healthy lives. To happy smiles, happier minds, and happiest bodies...