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Full Mouth Dental Implants In Delhi, India

If you have missing teeth, or need to replace all teeth in one or both jaws, Implants are your best options for fabrication of a fixed full-arch bridge.

As a replacement to wearing a full denture in cases of adequate bone (bone augmentation procedures can be performed to grow sufficient bone in deficient cases) multiple implants can be placed across the jawbone to provide support for a fixed bridge. According to the dental implant specialist in India, the implants act as a new root for the crown that will replace the missing tooth. As the implants are integrated to the jawbone, it offers stable support for the artificial teeth.

The number of implants necessary for a full-arch fixed bridge differs in every case depending upon individual structure, the opposite teeth, the type of bridge you want to have placed and the number of teeth you want or need to replace with the prosthesis.

A full arch of implants can be placed when you are missing all teeth in one of your jaws. If you have teeth remaining, they may need to be removed as a first step before placing implants, or sometimes the teeth may be extracted and implants placed immediately afterwards.Full mouth dental implants in India are a high level of customized treatment. The best dental implant doctors in India perform the procedure based on the patient’s requirements and his facial features to ensure that the results are satisfying to the fullest.

We offer expertise in full mouth dental implant in India treatment procedures with fixed dental bridges on them with the various dental implant systems available with us. For full mouth dental implant bridges, we offer Porcelain fused to metal(PFM) Implant bridge as well as Zirconia Metal free Implant bridges.The tooth implant in Delhi will offer a completely wonderful experience for the patients offering a reduced healing time, not much pain or swelling around and a very comfortable and quick procedure.

Why Choose Us For All Your Dental Implant Needs?

  • Gives high primary stability
  • Aimed for brilliant aesthetics
  • Gives a strong connection and stability
  • Placement of implants within limited space
  • Adjusts implant position during placement

The best part of full mouth dental implants in Delhi or anywhere is that you will not be able to spot the difference between the natural teeth and prosthetic teeth. This makes individuals with all missing teeth choose for full mouth rehabilitation. The specialists offering dental implants in India or anywhere ensures that the valuable patients achieve the best quality full mouth dental implants in India while replacing their missing teeth with the prosthesis. Therefore, full mouth dental implants in Delhi or anywhere is an excellent choice for patients who have lost their teeth or have very few teeth left in their mouth.

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