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Guided Implant Surgery

Guided Implant Surgery: Safe, Precise & Predictable

Guided surgery helps us to place the implants precisely in the jaw bone. Guide surgery provides 3-dimensional visualization of a patient’s bone quality & anatomy. This provides the height & width of bone, root anatomy of adjacent teeth, anatomical landmarks location, which makes the surgery 3 times easier for us.

Computer-aided manufactured (CAM) surgical guides are prepared prior to the day of surgical procedure which provides accurate placement of implant.

Placement of Implants With Guided Surgery:

  • Diagnostic teeth arrangement cast is created by taking impressions & recording bite, then the mold is sent to the laboratory & they provide us the template. This template determines the exact positions of teeth to be replaced.
  • Patient is asked to get a CBCT done.
  • Since we have all the details of bone height & width, anatomy of adjacement teeth, location of vital structures, we can plan the surgey accordingly. The surgical template & CBCT provides us with ideal location of implant placement. Surgical template is placed in the patient’s mouth during surgery & the holes in the template give us the exact location where implants has to be placed.

Advantages of Guided Surgery:

  • Guided surgery provides us with the precise & accurate location of implant placement.
  • Reduced chairside time for the patient.
  • Conservative approach by eliminating the need of raising the flap i.e. flapless implant placement this reduces bleeding & post operative discomfort to the patient

Indications for Guided Surgery:

  • Planning for three or more implants in a row.
  • Proximity to important anatomic structures.
  • Problems related to proximity of adjacent teeth.
  • Questionable bone volume.

Computer-guided dental implantin india surgery allows us to place the dental implants with much ease & precisely at the accurate location.

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Guided Implant Surgery