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How & When Are Dental Implants Placed ?

How are dental implants placed?

Dental Implants in India or anywhere are placed using a surgical procedure into the jawbone, underneath the gum tissues, with local anesthesia. A sterile environment & gentle & cautious surgical procedure are essential to success. Surgical treatment is usually performed in one or two stages depending on the implant system chosen by your dentist. After placement of implants patient is recalled for prosthetic part after healing period of 3-6 months. During this phase bone integrates onto the implant surface called “Osseo integration”.

Bone grafts & Sinus grafts to improve the jawbone quality which is necessary for the successful placement of dental implants. In cases of deficient jawbone which is difficult to place implants, a bone graft is placed prior to the implant placement. Bone grafting improves the quality of bone & provides adequate support to the implant

Abutment Attachment

Once healing is complete patient is recalled for abutment attachment. Implants are examined for osseointegration using x-ray. The gum tissue is exposed under local anesthesia in the area of implants; abutments are attached to the implants after removal of cover screw. The gums are sutured back around the abutments to heal before placement of prostheses. Eventually your new teeth will be attached to these abutments which protrude out of the gums to support the prostheses.

Prosthetic Treatment

After abutments placement gums take days to week to heal. Patient is recalled for impression; models of the jaws are made from the impress

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