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Immediate Implants

Immediate Implantation in the fresh extraction socket has become the treatment of choice in implant therapy as it offers many advantages over placing the implant in healed bone. The exact time for placing the implant depends on the structural changes of hard & soft tissue after extraction.

After extraction two-thirds of resorption occurs in the first 3 months, & results in a complex clinical situation. The immediate insertion of implant into fresh extraction sites prevents resorption of bone. Immediate dental implants in India have showed a success rate between 93% & 100%.

The possibility of placing an immediate implant depends on the defect anatomy & therefore it is frequently possible to make a decision only at the time of extraction.

The patient benefits from a less invasive & cost effective procedure resulting in reduced overall treatment time & higher patient comfort.

Immediately-loaded Dental Implants: What You Need To Know

What are immediately loaded dental implants? Are same day implants the same as immediately loaded implants?

Immediate loading dental implants are those where prosthesis is attached to the implants the same day the implants are placed. Immediate loading is implemented mainly in the esthetic region. When implant is placed, the prosthesis is placed at the same time in order to maintain the gingival contour around the implant. The prosthesis can be functional or non-functional; this is decided by the stability of implant. To avoid any movement in the implant during osseointegration, non-functional prosthesis are loaded in order to avoid forces on the occlusion which hampers the secondary stability i.e. biological stability which includes bone remodelling & regeneration processes.

The immediate-loading protocol for fixed implant rehabilitations is indicated where bone volume is adequate for at least six standard-size implants in maxilla & 4 implants in mandible.

Yes the same day implants are same as immediately loaded implants.

What is the success rate of immediately-loaded implants?

Long-term results for conventional & immediately-loaded dental implants are similar in terms of survival rate. With proper planning & certain guidelines, immediate loading can be accomplished successfully. Success rate is determined by osseointegration. For good osseointegration needs good primary stability & good blood supply so that bone can integrate with the implant.

Who are the best candidates for immediately loaded dental implants?

If you are missing one or more teeth in a jaw with adequate bone support, disease-free gum tissues, also some health factors are important when considering immediate loading which depends upon absolute & relative contraindications. Like patients with uncontrolled diabetes will lead to delayed healing & with leukemia patients undergoing radiotherapy might lead to bony changes & this would impede the implant placement.

What are the benefits of immediately loaded implants?

Immediate-loading is ideally propound for the anterior regions in order to maintain the esthetics, to avoid resorption & recession of gums, for adherence of gingival contour around the prosthesis. A crown with appropriate contours & emergence profile will encourage papilla to form. Moreover, it avoids the need of second stage surgery.

What is the procedure like? How many appointments will it take?

Immediate-loading comprises of removal of affected tooth cautiously by preserving the buccal & lingual bone & simultaneous placement of implant. Once the primary stability is enough to stabilize an implant, a temporary crown is placed at the same time. It is uncertain to decide how much time it would take but relatively the whole procedure might take 2-3 hours.

What can patients expect after receiving their implants?

Patient might experience a bit discomfort with pain & swelling post surgery. Medications like antibiotics & analgesics are prescribed.

How often should patients come to visit their oral surgeon after the implants are done?

It is necessary for the dentist to confirm that the crown fits well. Regular checkup appointments will usually be scheduled at 1, 3 & 6 month intervals in the first year. At these checkups, x-rays may be taken to examine the implant-bone relationship.

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Immediate Implants