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Implant Bridge

Implant supported bridge is supported by dental implants & then the  crowns are connected to form a bridge. The pressure is reduced on an individual implant & is trasferred to the bridge.

Benefits with fixed bridge on Implants

When missing two or more teeth implant bridge is a good alternative compared to removable partial dentures. Number of implants placement depends upon the anatomy, number of missing teeth, & opposing dentition.

  • Maintains the form & fuction just like the natural teeth.
  • Preserves the alveolar bone.

Your expectations with the treatment

After complete evaluation & implant placement, patient is recalled after 3 months to allow for the proper integration of implant with the bone. Once healing is completed healing caps are placed & then again you will be recalled after 15 days for final prosthesis attachment. You can expect a mild discomfort for which you will be advised with medications & maintain proper oral hygiene by brushing & flossing the same way you would do for your natural teeth.

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Implant Bridge