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Implant Supported Dentures

Denture Implants for Removable & Fixed Prostheses at Dr. Sachdeva’s Dental Institute

Implant overdentures:

Most patients do not achieve satisfactory comfort with dentures; hence, the implant-retained overdenture can be one of the ultimate options for these patients. After losing teeth, the ridge gets resorbed as the normal course of disuse atrophy, which further gets enhanced by using the tissue supported dentures for several years.

The implant retained overdentures improve chewing efficiency, comfort, & overall maxillofacial prosthesis of the patient. Besides, the placement of implants anchors the jaw bone & prevents the further bone loss. Depending on the bone volume available for implant placement, arch form, bone density, & force factors, two to four implants are inserted to retain the mandibular denture, whereas four to six implants are required to retain the maxillary denture.

Implants supported dentures offer advantages over conventional complete dentures & removable partial dentures like reduced bone loss, increased stability & retention, improve phonetics, bilateral equal distribution of occlusal load.With implants supported denture patients are able to chew wide variety of foods which improves the nutritional status of the patient.


Improved Maintenance:

Hygiene conditions are improved with implant supported dentures as compared to the fixed prosthesis.

Stabilizes the ill-fitting Dentures:

Implant supported dentures provide anchorage to those which lack stability & retention, poor function & speech especially in lower dentures. Implants stabilize the prosthesis & patient is able to determine the centric occlusion.

Conventional dentures Vs Implant supported dentures:

Conventional dentures at times causes discomfort to the patients due to full palatal coverage.Lack of retention & stability as compared to implant overdentures.Leads to bone resorption over period of time.

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