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Keyhole Implants

"Keyhole" or Flapless Approach for Dental Implant

The “Keyhole” or Flapless approach to place the dental implant is a benchmark recurrent technique. It is used in the situation after the specification about the amount of the underlying bone after CT scan.

Keyhole Implants

It allows to – avoid immense cuts , prevent tissue trauma and post-surgical irritation, eliminate post-operative pain.

In order to place the implant small punch is done and implant is inserted under local anesthesia, what usually saves time and discomfort for the patient. This approach is possible in the cases when the patient has enough bone to place the implant, if the site was grafted before and confirmed with CT scan data.

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These new Flapless implant placement techniques can be broadly divided into:

Unaided flap less implant placement procedure or guided flapless implant placement technique.

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Keyhole Implants