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Maintenance of Dental Implants:

Both dentist and patient will agree that a successful tooth restoration is one that restores and maintains long-term function and provides optimal esthetics. Dental implants enjoy a bone integration success rate in the 98-99% range and implants can typically be restored within 4-6 months of placement in the bone. But, what about the long term viability of a dental implant tooth? How long will a dental implant replacement tooth last?

Long term success with implant retention is determined by good contact of implant with bone. Oral hygiene & regular recall maintenance are the keys for successful implant.

Care of Dental Implants

Supposedly dental implants are to be maintained just like your naturals. Brushing, flossing, use of mouth wash is recommended the way one follows with their natural teeth. Attend recall visits as per scheduled by your dentist. Dental implants can last a lifetime if maintained properly. Success of implant refers to implant that are not only in the mouth, but are also functional & satisfactory. Implant maintenance is key to long-term success of the implant prosthesis.

Oral hygiene instructions for implant patients:

  • Brush around implants like you would around teeth.
  • Flossing around implants is slightly different than teeth. The goal is to remove interdental debris. The patient should not floss too far below the gingival margin next to the implant.
  • If interdental spaces are large use an interproximal brush.
  • Remind the patient that any chronic inflammation around an implant, like a natural tooth, can damage the bone-implant connection with ultimate bone loss and loss of the implant. Dental implants need to be cared for on a daily basis just like natural teeth.

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maintenance at dental implant india

maintenance at dental implant india