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Mega ISQ Implant Stability Quotient

TRIOS Digital Impression Scanning

Undoubtedly the expansion in the revolutionary advancement in the field of implant dentistry is increasing the chances towards the successful outcome. However, regardless of placing the dental implants with superlative dexterity there is always a lack of conviction.

Introduction of Mega ISQ help you to be certain & confident of your implant placement skills by helping you to analyse the implant stability at the time of placement, leaving no chances of uncertainty.


ISQ stands for Implant Stability Quotient. Mega ISQ is a portable instrument that provides accurate implant stability measurements in an entirely non-invasive manner.

It indicates the level of stability & osseointegration of dental implants in the oral cavity & maxillofacial region.

The value ranges from 1 to 100, higher the value, greater is the implant stability. The stability is calculated via response signal & involves the use of resonance frequency analysis. The result is displayed as numerical digits on the display of the instrument.

This revolutionary technology helps dentists to determine the favourable implant loading time that further helps ensure desired result out of the procedure.


Before performing measurement one should be familiar with the components of mega ISQ.

The chief components include:

  • Smart peg: Is the chief component of the system. It’s a small metal (of aluminium) with an attached special magnet
  • Smart peg mount: Smart peg is connected to the mount & is carried to the implant.
  • Probe: a wand to measure the ISQ value of the implant.
  • Display: where the exact value is recorded.

How to perform a measurement

TRIOS Digital Impression Scanning

  • A smart peg should be connected to the smart peg mount & is carried to the implant & attached effortlessly to the implant with approximately 4-6 Ncm of torque.
  • [Note: do not over tighten to avoid damage to the threads of smart peg].

  • Hold the probe close to the smart peg (do not touch it). Measure in the mesio-distal & bucco-lingual direction to get a value.
  • When the probe senses the smart peg, measurement will be recorded on the display with an audible sound. If you hear two sounds in a row they’ll be followed by a beeping sound & the final ISQ value will be displayed on the display of the mega instrument.
  • In case of electromagnetic interference, the instrument might not display the value. Instead a warning signal will be emitted. In such case remove the source of interference.

Benefits of incorporating this system in your practice

  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • No doubt of primary stability
  • Immediate implant loading in case of higher ISQ value
  • Reduced office visits
  • Makes quite easy for the dentists to decide the favourable time to load & avoid the premature loading of the dental implants.
  • Makes the treatment more predictable & easier for the patients at high risk.

Dr. Sachdeva’s Dental Institute is fortunate enough to incorporate the Mega ISQ system into the practice. The accurate measurements provide higher patient satisfaction & our patients can wish for the predictable outcome. With each & every implant case we prefer using this revolutionary system.