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Our Guarantee

Lifetime Warranty Of Dental Implants

With advances in the science of implant dentistry, you can expect that most dental implants in India will function indefinitely. However, like any dental restoration, the teeth may wear or break & need to be repaired or replaced. Restorations along with implants done at our centre, we offer a lifetime warranty for our patients. In case your implants become loose & have to be removed, a new implant will be placed & a new crown will be fabricated on the implant, without any cost. If the porcelain fractures on your implant supported crown, the crown will be replaced at no cost to you.

In order to keep this warranty in effect, one must agree to the following:

  • Maintenance of good oral hygiene is mandatory along with regular check up appointments scheduled once in 6 months.
  • If patient is medically compromised such as uncontrolled diabetes, malignancies, bone disorders, autoimmune diseases etc, this warranty cannot be applied.
  • Procedures leading to any change in the jaw structure such as chemotherapy/radiotherapy, in such situations this warranty cannot be applied.
  • In case of accidents, if implants & its fixtures have been damaged, this warranty cannot be applied.
  • In case, if patient do not stop smoking after implant placement, this warranty cannot be applied as smoking leads to marginal bone loss after implant placement & this leads to implant failure.

If you agree to & abide by the provisions of this warranty, this warranty will remain in effect for your lifetime. However, should you violate one of the provisions listed above, the warranty will be void.

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