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Permanent Fixed Teeth in 3 Days

Dental implants are designed to rehabilitate one’s oral health by restoring the missing teeth that functions & appears to be just like the natural teeth. Dental implants have the extensive edge over the other conventional procedures used to restore the missing teeth.

Dental implant treatment incorporates numerous techniques/protocols amongst which BCS (basal compression screws implants) & BOI (basal osseointegrated implants) basal implants make it viable to offer permanent solution of fixed teeth in just 3 days.

Once the jawbone loses teeth, it starts to deteriorate or resorb due to lack of stimulation from the chewing forces. The bone that remains even after resorption of the crestal bone is basal bone & supposedly is less prone to resorption & infection. Also, the bone is considered to be highly dense & offers superior retention to the dental implants.

What are permanent fixed teeth in 3 days protocol?

The protocol involves placement of basal implants that utilizes the basal bone of the jaw for outstanding retention of the dental implants.

The basal implants are distinctively & effectively designed to fit or accommodate in the basal bone for immediate loading & thus provide permanent fixed teeth in just 3 days.

As the name implies, patients receive permanent fixed prosthesis in exact 3 days from the day of implant placement. With such protocol we can rehabilitate single tooth, multiple teeth or full mouth with exceptional contentment, outcome & aesthetics.


The permanent fixed teeth in 3 days protocol provide a speedy & firm foundation of dental implants to support a fixed prosthesis. Other significant advantages are as follow:

  • Virtually every patient can be treated without incorporating bone grafting or augmentation procedures.
  • The cortical or basal anchorage of the implant assures for secured load transmission & osseointegration.
  • Minimal invasive placement i.e. no flap & sutures required.
  • With use of single piece implants, the neck can be bended in order to make implant heads parallel to each other for the most suitable occlusal line & passive seating of the prosthesis.
  • Good patient compliance due to immediate loading, no intermediate dentures & no secondary surgery required.
  • Overwhelming success rates in patients with reduced bone height, smokers, diabetic etc.


On the first visit at Dr. Sachdeva’s Dental Institute, out team will clinically examine the patient followed by required X-rays like periapical radiographs, CBCT for the initial assessment. The treatment will be planned accordingly & will demonstrate a virtual placement on CBCT scan. The procedure, number of implants to be placed, cost & different treatment options will be discussed & explained with the patient on the day 1.

On the second visit, we will proceed with the implants placement. In case any tooth requires extraction, it will be extracted & implants will be placed. Once done with the surgical procedure, impressions will be taken for permanent prosthesis.

On the third visit, the prosthesis will be delivered to the patient.

Hence, this protocol offers peerless advantages to the patients even in the cases with deficient amount of bone without undergoing bone augmentation & sinus lift procedures.

If you feel like considering dental implants as your treatment option, schedule an appointment at Dr. Sachdeva’s Dental Institute. This will certainly help you discern the right treatment option