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What Are Dental Implants & Their Benefits?

Introduction to Dental Implants

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Dental implants are small titanium fixtures placed into the jaw bones which acts as a root of the tooth. Mostly all the implants are made from pure titanium, something which is biocompatible. This basically means it is not seen as a foreign body & hence not rejected by the immune response of the body. The main key of placing implants onto the bone that once carefully & judiciously inserted into the bone, it leads to bone growth onto the implant that makes it more firm within the bone. This connection between the bone & the implant makes it strong enough to withstand forces of chewing & biting.

Implants can replace one or more teeth or a whole set of missing teeth.In cases of missing single tooth, individual implants can be inserted with crown fitted over the top.

Implant and Crown

Single missing tooth replaced by a single dental implant

Multiple tooth replacement by the Implants.

Bridge supported by implants

Implants are not just an answer to single tooth but if the teeth are missing from both the sides of the jaw, implants can be placed to support a full arch fixed teeth or prosthesis. However Implant supported dentures is also fabricated to stabilize loose dentures to improve life quality of patients with loose dentures. Whether to use the implants to support fixed teeth or to stabilize dentures depends on many factors such as the amount of available bone in the jaws, the number of implants which can be placed and adequate lip support for appearance.

Six dental implants used to support a full set of upper teeth

Two dental implants to secure a full lower denture

Multiple dental implants used to stabilize a full lower denture

With the recent success & evolvement Dental Implants and temporary teeth can be placed together on the same or following day. Most recent one is All-on-4 technique used with four implants to support a bridge of teeth in the upper or lower jaw. These newer techniques has even made traditional treatments to take place much more rapidly than before, reducing overall treatment time interval significantly.

All-on-4 technique using 4 dental implants to support an upper bridge

All-on-4 case with four implants used to support a lower bridge 

Initially implants could only be placed in patients with adequate available bone but luckily bone grafting techniques have emerged as a boon in cases of insufficient bone allowing many more patients to enjoy the utility of dental implant treatment. Please take time to read some of our Testimonial section of our website from people we have helped with dental implant treatment about their experience

Advantages of Dental Implants:

  • A permanent & reliable solution for missing teeth replacement.
  • Aesthetic & natural tooth look alike.
  • Doesn’t require crown cutting in case of bridgework.
  • Maintain healthy bone to support gum and other facial structures.
  • No discomfort of loose, poorly-fitting conventional dentures
  • Restored back to normal functions like chewing & biting.

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